27 MAY 2021

Nick Munn and I presented 'Technology as cause of and solution to the empathy problem' at the Sherry Turkle Miracle, a workshop organised by the Committee for Communication and Media Theory, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. You can read the papers here.

26 MAY 2021

The third funny article, 'Psychological hedonism: You know you want it', was published at Daily Philosophy today. Read it here.

19 MAY 2021

The second (see below) short funny article is out. See 'Simulating pleasure' here.

12 MAY 2021

My first of seven short articles on happiness and hedonism with Lorenzo Buscicchi and Nick Munn is now available on the Daily Philosophy blog. We tried our best to make the short articles funny. See whether we achieved it here.

30 APRIL 2021

My chapter "Wellbeing and the four qualities of life" is now available with the publishing of The Pope of Happiness: A Festschrift for Ruut Veenhoven, edited by A.C. Michalos and published by Springer. See it here.

9 APRIL 2021

I accepted an invitation from the National Science Center of Poland to review a major grant application on relationships.

8 APRIL 2021

My paper with Nick Munn, "Technology as cause of and solution to the empathy problem", was accepted for a workshop on The Oeuvre of Sherry Turkle, organised by the Committee for Communication and Media Theory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The workshop is on May 27, 2021. The paper will be published shortly after the workshop.

31 MARCH 2021

I presented Philosophy of wellbeing (and how it applies to student life) today. It was part of Wellbeing Week at Waikato University.

31 MARCH 2021

My paper with Mohsen Joshanloo and Michael Bond was accepted by Personality and Individual Differences. It's titled: Cultural Religiosity Moderates the Relationship Between Perceived Societal Injustice and Satisfaction with One’s Life.

25 MARCH 2021

I was invited to review a book proposal for Palgrave Macmillan on wellbeing.

25 MARCH 2021

My paper with Nick Munn was accepted for the ICT, society, and human beings 2021 conference, which is part of the Multi conference on computer science and information systems 2021. It will appear in the published proceedings. It's titled: Good friendships improve our lives. But can virtual friendships be good?

31 JANUARY 2021

I wrote an editorial with Aaron Jarden celebrating the first ten years of the International Journal of Wellbeing. See it here.