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Grants, Prizes, and Awards

External Prizes and Awards
  • £500 prize from the Observatory on Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT (Oxford University) for the paper 'Technology: Prediction Markets' in 2013.
  • £500 prize (shared with my co-author Larah van der Meer) from the Observatory on Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT (Oxford University) for the paper 'Educational psychology research on children with developmental disabilities using expensive ICT devices' in 2013.
  • Awarded Gold pass tickets to the Happiness and its Causes conference in Sydney by the Australasian Association of Philosophy because of my happiness-related research in 2010.

Commissioned Research

  • Commissioned (NZ$12,000) to write a policy white paper for the New Zealand Treasury on Living Standards, Wellbeing, and Public Policy (2016).
  • Invited to participate in Halloran History of Wellbeing project and the History of Wellbeing Symposium (fully funded, including honorarium and author payment, for a total of US$7800) in Philadelphia (2013-2015).

External Grant Funding

  • Awarded US$750 from the Halloran History of Well-Being Project's contestable research grant pool to hire a research assistant to help with my research on 'Western Historical Traditions of Well-Being' (2013).
  • In 2011 and 2012, Aaron Jarden, myself, and Nattavudh Powdthavee were listed as investigators (in that order, all as lead investigators) on successful grant applications to the Vic Davis Memorial Trust (www.vicdavistrust.co.nz). I led the writing of the applications. We were awarded NZ$25,000 over two grants for: ‘Establishing the International Journal of Wellbeing’.
  • I have also had success with gaining funding from government departments. In an equally ranked team with Philip Morrison and Aaron Jarden, I secured a total of NZ$32,000 from the New Zealand Treasury and Statistics New Zealand to run an international interdisciplinary conference on well-being and public policy in June 2012. NZ$20,000 was also secured from tertiary institutions and research units.
(Competitive) Internal Research Funding
  • University of Waikato Summer Scholar Project funded for NZ$5,000 (2017).
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (UoW) Contestable Research Grant for NZ$7,670 to fund "What Really Matters" (2017).
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (UoW) Contestable Academic Research Visitor Grant for NZ$2,940 (2017).
  • University of Waikato Research Trust Contestable Fund Grant for NZ$2,000 to fund "Securing the last NROs for 2018 PBRF" (2016).
  • Awarded US$2,576 from the 2016 College of Arts and Letters Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity Award at Sacramento State for "Experimental Philosophy on What Really Matters" (2015).
  • Awarded a share of US$5,000 (split with Russell DiSilvestro, Kyle Swan, and Christina Bellon) from the Provost's Research Incentive Fund at Sacramento State for developing a large grant proposal on student wellbeing and success (2015).
  • Awarded a competitive fee waiver for a 3-day training workshop on grant writing by the Office of Research Affairs, Sacramento State (2015).
  • Awarded US$5,000 from the Provost's Research Incentive Fund at Sacramento State for experimental philosophy research on trolley problems (2014).
  • I was also the lead researcher (with Nicholas Agar as associate researcher) on a successful VUW Summer Research Scholar project application, ‘The Ethical Implications of Prediction Markets’, which paid a stipend to my student of NZ$7,000 (2012).
(Competitive) Internal Awards
  • University of Waikato Teaching Excellence Award of NZ$3,000 (2017).
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (UoW) Teaching Excellence Award of NZ$2,000 (2017).
Student Prizes and Awards
  • Victoria Doctoral Completion Award (for finishing on time) in 2012.
  • Doctoral Scholarship/Assistantship from Victoria University of Wellington (for Philosophy study) in 2008.
  • Victoria University of Wellington Masters Scholarship (for Philosophy study) in 2006.
  • Victoria University of Wellington Graduate Scholarship (for Philosophy study) in 2005.
  • Roderic Alley Prize for the best essay on human rights at Victoria University of Wellington in 2005.

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